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Top 5 Trends in Cabinetry Accessories

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Does this sound familiar? 

Mom is having a conference call in the hall, kids are attending online learning at the breakfast table and dad is leading a skype sales call at the kitchen island…every outlet is being used for laptops, tablets, phones, chaos erupts as everyone competes in volume and for workspace. 

Whether you have lived in your home for a few months or 25 years, chances are you have at least thought about a kitchen renovation. While some of us are dreaming about copper farm sinks and navy blue islands, most of us are coping with post-pandemic life and looking for the practical-updated layout, better function, and the ever-popular more storage! Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of function over form. Thanks to The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, people are more aware of their stuff and want the best solutions for storage. And with the recent pandemic, people are spending more time in their homes resulting in a space deficiency/stuff overload problem. These factors have resulted in the perfect time to come out with our Top 5 List of Kitchen Organizers. 

#5 Roll Out Trays

These handy “drawers” for your cabinets are a lifesaver for our backs. Combining the functionality of dedicated space with the appeal of hidden storage, the trays provide a solution to our stuff overload problem. Imagine assigning each family member one tray and at the end of the day, their “stuff” goes to its assigned home clearing your kitchen counter for dinner prep. It may not solve the noise issue but at least we’ve contained the stuff. 

#4 Charging Drawer

Imagine a magical place where all our electronics are magically charged just by a thought…well until that is possible, we have this solution. Hidden charger and outlet sockets inside a kitchen or desk drawer. No more searching for the cord or an empty socket, just open the drawer and plug-in. No more panic attacks over the dreaded red battery life light or frantically searching for a charger. Just open a drawer and behold a beautiful oasis of charging power…

#3 Cleaning Caddy Pullout

Picture this scenario, you are on an important overseas call, working on a tight deadline and Little Abby spills fresh-squeezed juice all over the floor…what do you do? Effortlessly slide out this cleaning caddy pull-out tray and have everything you need at your fingertips. You do not even have to hang up as you spray an all-natural ingredient, no harmful chemicals, no toxin cleaner, and wipe down with an organic cotton wipe. The Juice crisis averted and you came in before the deadline.

 ***Organic products not included***

***no children or animals were harmed in this imagined scenario***

#2 Cut Out Cutting Board Drawer

For most homes, the trash pull out is standard fare. Add this time-saving beauty and we have transformed lives and spaces. Easily installs above your existing waste cabinet and eliminates the need to transfer vegetable scraps, apple peels, and even those pesky sandwich crusts to your trash can. Just push everything through the cut-out into the waiting wastebasket/compost bin below.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…

The #1 Kitchen accessory or cabinet organizer recommended by Baxter Cabinets for coping with our pandemic “stay at home” order is…

#1 Coffee Bar/Wine Bar/Beverage Station

 Whether your beverage of choice is loaded with caffeine, protein, or something a little stronger, having all the fixings in one location can be a lifesaver. The peace of mind in knowing that your favorite mug, coffee, almond milk, raw sugar cane, and coconut syrup is all within arm’s reach is priceless in these times. Keeping fresh fruit and a quality blender in that area allows for easy smoothie prep for a quick snack. At 5PM, this spot can transform into Happy Hour Central with ease. And if you’re sipping adult beverages from a coffee mug or sports bottle, we’ll never tell.

Baxter Cabinets is located in Fort Mill, SC. We are locally owned and operated.  Owners, Brad and Ashley Harris thrive on helping clients create their dream spaces. We offer multiple product lines to meet every need and budget.  We offer a production line of cabinetry called Baxter Advantage.  Lead times are typically 3 weeks or less; we can ship cabinets fully assembled or flat packed.  All of our cabinets come standard with soft close drawers and doors, dovetail joints, 6-way adjustable hinges, and five-piece drawer front construction.  We also offer a custom cabinetry line called Baxter Black.  This cabinetry line offers similar features but is available in 5/8” increments, multiple wood species, and your choice of any Sherwin Williams color or stain.  This particular line is manufactured here locally in Gastonia, NC.  Lead times on this line range from 6-7 weeks.  Most recently, we added custom closets to our portfolio.  Come by our showroom to check out our amazing product offerings!

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